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The Vision of WebGlobic Technologies started 2017 in Munich, when Pratheek Burkhard & Suresh Babu began to provide technical and digital solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2018 Efe Ok became part of WebGlobic Technologies and together the Entrepreneurs paved the way for an steadily growing company. In 2019 Juergen Gessler completed the Team, his experience and sophistication enabled us to reach the next step, establishing WebGlobic Technologies as a global company.

WebGlobic Technologies is a website development company founded in 2020. ... We create exciting and effective work in all aspects of interactive media for companies ranging from local mom-and-pop shops to national and international businesses. We listen to our clients and learn about the unique needs of each one

The skilled workers in our backoffice in Bangalore assure us to be up to date with the current trends in the fast-evolving tech world. Combined with creative and visionary workforces in Munich, WebGlobic Technologies is able to supply the perfect design for your digital product, assuring incomparable fast results. Hence Webglobic Technologies is proud to have worked with renowned and international businesses. Opening another office in Sydney in 2020 proves Webglobic Technologies keeps on growing and maintains the status of being a globally operating company.

Started with local mom-and-pop stores and small businesses, we at WebGlobic Technologies have always put the customer satisfaction first and continue doing so, even though our clients are now corporate businesses. Retaining this philosophy, we are looking forward to new challenges and finding the perfect way to digitalize your business.

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WebGlobic Technologies is a leading Web Designing and Web development company based in Bangalore. We are app/web solutions provider with global.

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